Movies: John Rambo

This time is about the movies, or upcoming movies. I just find the first teaser trailer of the fourth part of Rambo`s saga. Well, people may find this like a fool thing, most of that people may be are 24 years old and less. Ok, those people are right but, as I said before, I`m a model 1973 without the built-in high speed calculator in my brain. I`m living in Colombia, so the movie business here, 26 years ago, it was very delayed, I mean they brings the american blockbusters…one or two years AFTER the american movie premier, this is due to either the costs and time of the making of spanish subtitles.

Rambo 2 posterCome on….,..when I see Rambo the first time in 1983 I was 10 years old, and….THERE IS NOT INTERNET…please, I would appreciate the understanding of those guys and girls of 24 or LESS. So one of my childhood heroes is ..of course Rambo! I had only 3 TV Channels…I haven`t MTV in that early years.

Rambo represents for me a “one-resource-man”, a “one-army-man”, it`s a guy that find several ways to get out of troubles, he save his own life! He always know what have to do in the worst case!!!, He is not the popular old american hero with a branded weapon, like Long Ranger and his expensive silver guns with expensive silver bullets, no, he can`t find a weapon with any-thing , like me!!!! I find the weapon with any software/program in my work. The most POWERFUL WEAPON of Rambo is …his mind, He says that in Rambo: First Blood part two. So I found myself identity like Rambo, I mean…I try to find the right way to solve a problem, a necessity, etc for myself. That`s all. ….I had cure myself like Rambo in the past, bad memories come to mind, but I did. 😦

So, I`m very excited Stallone will release the fourth part of the Rambo saga, I like Stallone, I found in him a cool guy (un tipo buena onda).

This new Rambo release is called: “John Rambo”, and the film is directed by Robert Rodriguez, he did a INCREDIBLE and SPECTACULAR visual design work for the Frank Miller`s “SIN CITY”.

Well, it looks Rodriguez had found a new way for express the Rambo adventures, I find the teaser trailer very GORE, SAVAGE!!, but I hope that “bloody element” in the movie will have a important role for telling the new story. Today, if you are a important movie director (and want to preserve your reputation), you have to find UNUSUAL ways to communication, UNUSUAL narrative elements for express an idea in the screen. I just put my faith in Rodriguez. This is just the first teaser trailer, the movie premier it`ll in 2008.©Millenium Films.

Click in the picture for WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE TRAILER!!! 🙂

(I cannot put the trailer here for avoiding copyrights violation)

2 Responses to “Movies: John Rambo”

  1. 1 Danielle June 5, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    I remember watching the first Rambo movies when I was younger at the drive-in with my parents. I will have to watch the movies again because I do not remember them… oddly enough I do remember the snacks I ate at the Rambo movies.

    Heez got beeeeeg muskles!

  2. 2 Hernan June 6, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    You was a baby by that past years!!!!ha ha…

    Ohh…I would like to be on a Drive-in theater someday… 😦

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