Objects: Things that I love, that I own. Casio watch.

I wantCasio Datsbank to make a little homage to my wrist watch, he he, the Casio DBC32 Series.

Well I´ve never been the typical “nerd-guy” that like to use always a watch w/ calculator, w/ heart bit detectors, aliens detectors, radars, atmospheric pressure measurer and so on..he he. The truth the day that I bought the watch I couldn´t find a something sport model for me, so I had no too much time for make a choice and I bought this time piece.
Well, that was a year ago and I must to say, this watch rocks!!!, I´m a graphic designer, I work in a LOT of computers, Windows based PC´s, Macintosh and sometimes, people makes a “bad installation” of windows OS over some PCs, I mean…..they forgot install the windows component called “CALCULATOR”. I´m not a scientist, a engineer, but in my work I have to do calculations, with cms, mts, pixels, etc, unfortunately I´m a model ´73 and I don´t have a speed calculator built-in my head like people less age old than me :S  …and when I find a PC without the F…ing CALCULATOR…then the solution is in my left hand. My Casio Databank with calculator!!!!! It saved my life too much times. I also I don´t carryng wath scientific calculators actually…(well in my school days I had a big collection of digital calculators, most of them CASIO!)

It´s not from the illuminator series, that watches that have a blue light background. This is a recall of 80’S models, GREAT!!! ´cause this watch have a little light in the lower left corner, like the 80´s Casio Watches.!

This watch also have a Databank feature, I can saved till 30 names with phone numbers, it´s useful when I turn off my cellphone. The watch have a chronometer, 5 indepent alarms and a 10 years battery!!!!! I guess it must be a nuclear fision battery…or something like that. LOL.


2 Responses to “Objects: Things that I love, that I own. Casio watch.”

  1. 1 Danielle June 5, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    You are like Dick Tracy!

    Oh Hernan, I don’t know why you did not have a blog before. You are a great writer! And when the contest is over I can start a “real blog” and you can visit me there… and I read about “guest bloggers”…

    Will you be my first “guest blogger” when I have a “real blog”?

    Is it hard to press the little buttons on your watch? I have tiny fingers but I have trouble with tiny buttons.

    And that’s terrible that some people don’t install the calculator. Lucky Hernan is always there with his go-go-gadget watch!

  2. 2 Hernan June 5, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    Ha ha ha ..DICK TRACY!!!!! hahaha, you makes laugh…(I`m laughing right now)

    Yeehh, I forgot to mention that important retro-pop comic character. I remember he got a watch with a radio transmitter and in the last issues he got a TV WATCH!!!!…if Dick Tracy exists any longer his watch might have features like: MP3 Player, Mini digital Camera, WI-FI internet access, Java based internet browsers, GSM Access (like the cell phones), Blue-Tooth, some kind of antenna for connect with military satellites and of course….it gives the date and time.

    You makes me blush, I`m glad you find fun in my blog…I haven`t words, you makes feel so good! `cause sometimes I don`t consider myself a good writer , even not in spanish, je je…but if you said that…it`s more than a compliment for me, it gives to me more encourage…I have to learn more english, sometimes I feel so ashamed of my comments, my english typo mistakes. :S

    Daniellita, of course!!!!!, I`ll love to be a guest blogger of your next blog, I`m honored again, thanks for the offer, thank you very much, we`ll have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By now lets concentrate in finish the shopautodotca seocontest…and look for any victory…you has worked so much you deserved any victory, really. If you win you“ll make history `cause you will be the first woman in win the shopautodotca seocontest and I will very honored with that `cause I`m a friend of a V.I.P. 😀

    My watch…yeah, the buttons are so small but the design (Japanese obviously) is like a triangles..hmm, I mean..I mean,…the keyboard it`s a whole one piece, you can enter data by pushing the buttons with your nails, so right in this moment I realized the more used button is the plus sign (+)…I think your tiny fingers could push some buttons in my watch.

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