Movies, Memories: Transformes (Bad) Memorabilia.

My gods, the reason of my life 20 years ago!!!, watching the tv series early morning at Saturdays it was my religion!!!!

(This is a scan of my 1987 Los Transformers collectible Album)

Transformers….. I did know the TV series came to Colombia en 1987, but the kids like me living in other descent parts of the world has watched Transformers 3 YEARS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suck!, but…never mind, fortunately I watched the TV series a little bit later. I remember that was a commercial phenomenon..the collectible albums, the cloths, the t-shirts, the lunch boxes, the thermos, the instant tattoos, and of course…..THE TOYS.

The concept of The Transformers was something special and very extraterrestrial here, `cause that thing was a unusual thing, weird!, incredible!!!
I had 3 Transformers robots, if my father did not have a bankrupt I`m sure I would had THE ENTIRE ALL TRANSFORMERS COLLECTION, even the TRANSFORMERS CITY!!!! but, …never mind again.

TRANSFORMERS comes a VERY bad memories (20 years ago) to mind today.

Always I`ve been a artistic drawer. In the school I won too many prizes for participating in artistic drawing competitions, I love to draw robots in disguise, just copy them with my pencils and my colors box on a paper. But once, I made something incredible…(even for me) …too much people was scared with that, but, I did not understand the thing.

For a competition, I just made a simple drawing, a sequence of a Renault 4 car (very popular car brand in Colombia) transforming in a robot!.

I won the price but my mom and the teachers sent me to the Psychologist…I didn`t understand…why?
Teachers explain to my mom that I DIDN`T THINK WITH CLARITY!! Why????, I just took a picture of a Renault 4, I draw the Renault 4, with my tools: with my pencil and eraser and paper block I just figured out how to cut the car in LOGICAL and REALISTIC parts for make the legs, the arms, the head, taking care of the shape and how to join those parts for making a LOGICAL and non fictional sequence step by step of how the car it `ll transforms in a humanoid robot, ….and the Psychologist said to teachers, friends, to my mom: Hernan have a mental decease!

AH?????….just for inventing and drawing my OWN TRANSFORMER then I HAVE A MENTAL DECEASE????????? F….CK!!! All of they makes me feel guilty for nothing, I `d never took a pencil and paper till university, mid of 90’s. Ahi esta pintada Colombia!!!!!!
I don`t consider myself a “gifted person” I just love forms, colors, thats all.
Stop the old complain.

(This is a scan of one of my Transformers branded school notebooks)

I`m very excited with the new TRANSFORMERS movie. I always wanted to work in a movie studio, but in the 3D authoring. When I knew a bit for first time of the movie, one year ago I thought: “Oh jezzz….they will show the original transformers?…today will looks like the Power Rangers robots….BORING!!!…STUPID!!! With the boring and logical and terrestrial transformations. Bah!, I quit. But when they released the early teaser trailers showing the transformations sequences (made for Japanese designers for Lucas Films`s ILM)…WOW…….IT`S EXTRATERRESTRIAL!!!!!!, If I directed a movie of transformers I would made and develop the same concept, it must looks EXTRATERRESTRIAL, the transformation sequences must be a stimulant for the eye!!! and I will to sacrifice the original transformers shape!!!!

Good, I feel like I worked in the film. All those people that criticized the new film is `cause “Optimus does not looks like the 20 years ago Optimus Prime!!! Jueputa!!, what happen??? Most of people remember the toys, but, why the people doesn`t remembers the story?,

Why most of people doesn`t remember that The TRANSFORMERS are E X T R A T E R R E S T R I A L BEINGS ???

Extraterrestrial” for me means something ULTRA MEGA WEIRD, “Out of this world”, ILLOGICAL, never seen before, not human!

The last and NEW trailer of Transformers Movie here!!!!:


2 Responses to “Movies, Memories: Transformes (Bad) Memorabilia.”

  1. 1 Danielle June 10, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    You are gifted, and I can’t believe that they sent you to a psychologist for that, when really the school should have provided you with every outlet for you to use that creativity. It is unfortunate that you stayed away from drawing for so long because of that, Hernan. The fact that you could design your own Transformer is cool, and creative, and something that very few people could do.

  2. 2 Hernan June 11, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Dear Danielle, thank you for your appreciation. And yes…that was a sad chapter of my life. But today does not happen that kind of situations in a school. The things was very different and primitive in Colombia 20 years ago :S

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