I`m very excited about this. Next July 7 is the 20th Metal Gear saga anniversary!!!

This is my most favorite video game epic saga of life. I have almost all the titles. It`s a beautiful history that speak about life, death, senses, love and friendship. Japanese of course!!!. Since 20 years ago Konami has published several titles of this saga for all platforms but the most preferred platform of Konami is all about SONY 🙂

I will talking about this magnificent event, it`s a shame I can`t be in Tokyo Japan for see the carnival and that things. Japaneses are the only people that close entire avenues and streets for makes festivals, parades and BIG PARTY when a MGS title is published. And I don`t know what will happen the next July 7th. I guess it will appears a giant bi pedal tank with nuclear capabilities in the middle of streets of Tokyo for celebrating.

MGS creator is the genius Hideo Kojima. He IS the wizard behind MGS. He have the power of make a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT video game in each MGS issue but keeping the essence, the soul of MGS. No body, no video game developer is capable of make that risky campaign. Every issue is PERFECT, DIFFERENT, FRESH. It`s not the typical CRAP first personal shooter, it combines action, conceptual art, rpg with a beautiful story.
Kojima also has made beautiful videogames like Zone Of Enders saga, he reinvents the way of drive a giant robot in a game console and he REINVENTS the concept of a tridimensional video game.

Metal Gear Solid it`s not only the software, sometimes it involves the box, the consoles like a collectible items and sometimes that things is part of the game!!!

Actually I`m trying to finish the Metal Gear Ac!d, it`s a videogame for PSP and is a card based videogame, but it is not like Yu-Gi-Oh, it`s crazy…demential game play, in a few words, a perfect card game. All MGS is addictive!! And I do have the UMD disc of the Metal Gear Ac!d 2 waiting for me…..and the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel waiting for me too. Both for PlayStation Portable.

But I come so late to the party, I mean, I discovered Metal Gear just 6 years ago. I always since my first memories I been playing video games but when I was in th university I abandoned video games, so I lost Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64 and even Sony PlayStation. In 2001 a friend of mine show me a trailer of Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty for PS2 and I fall in love and I came back to video games!!! I bought a PS2 and a illegal copy of MGS 2, but when I was in the middle of the game I stopped and I went out to buy a original copy of MGS 2, I don`t believe such a perfect videogame, it changes my mind about game play, video games and even my point of view of life.

Since 2002 I been played each title of Metal Gear and collecting all about it. I do have a humble collection (That I will show for all of you in next posts) but it`s not at all, but honestly it would be the only MGS collection in South America. (I know guys from Europe and Nort America and all of they have ALL). When I get more old, and when I`ll have too much money I will be a MGS hunter collector. MGS It`s not only the box with the disc and the instructions manual….MGS is a total completely dimensional universe.

I feel like extraterrestrial here in Bogota, Colombia `cause I can`t talk about MGS with someone, `cause no one understand me. Here all the world like to play the forever-only-boring-FPS, or Soccer or the basic boring video games of forever.

Happy birthday METAL GEAR!! It changes my mind, my life, my death, my senses, my love.



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