Internet service down in Colombia. (Silly post, I know…but what can I do)

(Oh, I posted this….it took a lot of time to post this)

2 failures, in the submarine cables “Arcos” and “Maya” those cables connects Colombia with the rest of civilized world. This failure is making slow the Internet connection (sometimes null) in all Colombia from monday, but today is the worst day.

Yesterday media press said, it`s a little failure in the Arcos submarine cable. I thought: Ah the sharks again…those bored big fish found a new hobby chewing the Arcos submarine cable. Damn fishes!!!

But today they said the failure is BIG (Extraterrestrial invasion…or some kind of Internet conspiracy) and one of that failures is located in Honduras and the other failure is located in some point close to Venezuela. At last today the technicians have authorization from the Venezuela`s president (Emperor) The colonel Hugo Chavez.

Chavez might be the “Napoleon of Southamerica”. He would be a perfect enemy for Solid Snake. Chavez is a good character for some issue of Metal Gear Solid. The last year, Emperor Chavez bought a LOT of RUSSIAN armament and heavy attack helicopters. He made friends in IRAN. I think Chavez might have a sort of Metal Gear (A giant bipedal tank) in the garage of his castle..I mean the venezuela`s presidential house.

May be this is the cause which I can`t see and The service (I hope) will be normal tomorrow Friday (I hope I hope).


2 Responses to “Internet service down in Colombia. (Silly post, I know…but what can I do)”

  1. 1 Danielle June 22, 2007 at 1:05 am

    OMG – it’s already starting! The internet soon will not exist just like I said yesterday! I will never get my Adsense money now!

  2. 2 Danielle June 23, 2007 at 1:42 am

    Hernan – this is your first “tag”…. You are being tagged in the 7 random things game – Now you must post 7 random things about yourself and you must tag 7 other bloggers that you think will participate (I know this part will be tough, as it was for me) Check out my blog for more info about this.

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