Internet back to Colombia..but…

I can`t see any domains redirected to freehostia, so I can`t see my new blog, and the Freehostia`s admin console. Hmm, weird weird thing. Why? This make me so sad `cause my friend Daniellita helped to me to set up this blog in the new domain and she did beautiful things on it. The domains are working well but the communication with the hosting server is null.

What happen with Freehostia?, I can see the all internet today except Freehostia. I will looking for a way to write a message to they and I`ll ask them why Colombia couldn`t see Freehostia? …soo sad. 😦

I saw the same case for the tv channel Showtime one year ago, that website wasn`t available for southamerica. I love the showtime`s tv show “Weeds” and they won`t to show anything from the TV show “Weeds” for southamerica. Finally, after 1000 emails from me and a lot of people from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina they open the website for southamerica…and I finally bought the Weeds´s DVD box set of the first season.

I NEED TO SEE FREEHOSTIA, please please honorables webmasters of Freehostia, please let me see a thing. I beg you on my kness.


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