Tagged in the 7 random things game

I`d been tagged in the 7 random things game by my friend Danielle, thank you Daniellita. The tough part of this game is to tag other 7 heads, but I don`t know any more friends by now, but my 7 randon things are the following:

1-I have a dream and I very afraid and worried about the fear of cannot reach it.

2-I faced the death 3 times: in 1985 due an intoxication with tinidazol, 1991 due a …weird and confused thing in the military service and 1992 I was a electrician and a high tension cable with 1.000 Amps. almost sent me to the next black hole in the galaxy.

3-I have a scar in the left side of my neck.

4-I love to enjoy smoking pot while I`m watching National geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and Discovery`s Animal planet. Observation of nature give me ideas for all. When I see the nature behavior I`m watching the future of the human technology and it´s an inspiration for art.

5-I have SEVERAL music moods. You can find me listening Carcass, Strapping young Lad, Katatonia, NIN, Kyuss and some Indie rock but in the next hour I might be listening Belinda Carlisle, Jhonny Cash, Olivia Newton Jonn, Madonna…and the next hour Antonio Vivaldi, Hendel… some delicious piano tunes from Chopin.

6-I`m very tired that I´m the only person that people looks for set up their new computers, the only person that “knows too much” so I´m the only person that people will blame me if anything goes wrong.

7-I do have a Cat, his name is Lou, is gray, 6 years old and probably is the cat #11 in my life. I love him.


2 Responses to “Tagged in the 7 random things game”

  1. 1 Stranger June 29, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    What’s the scar from?

  2. 2 Hernan June 29, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    hmm, was because a surgery in 1991. It was a “congenital affection” called branchial cyst. Fortunately it´s not hereditary. Was very traumatic for me, I was 16 :S

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